Shorts: Canada's MDDS, CE for Biotronik, DoCoMo

By Brian Dolan
06:17 am

"Soap it off or eat it later," read one rather to-the-point reminder for men to wash their hands in the bathroom. Researchers from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine set-up wireless sensors in highway service station restroom to determine how best to encourage patrons to wash their hands after using the facilities: "Absent such reminders, the study found, only 65 percent of women and a paltry 31 percent of men used soap," the study found. The group tracked 200,000 restroom visits over 32 days. More

Canada posts its own medical device data system (MDDS) rule: Medical Connectivity's William Hyman writes: "Health Canada, Canada’s medical device regulatory authority, posted classification information for Patient Management Software. This action is similar to the FDA’s proposed rule for the regulation of Medical Device Data Systems (MDDS), nearing finalization. The Canadian announcement begins with a reminder of its definition of “medical device” which is similar to although not identical to the U.S definition." More

CE Mark for Biotronik, a wireless remote monitoring technologies company that has a focus on implantable cardiac devices, announced that it had obtained a European CE Mark approval for its Home Monitoring product. The CE Mark for Europe is similar to gaining FDA clearance in the U.S. Biotronik said its Home Monitoring offering is an alternative to in-hospital device follow-up visits. Biotronick received FDA clearance in May. More

Video: DoCoMo's wellness phones: As most of you know, Japan has had wireless health phones, services and apps in the market well before the U.S. One of the big players over there is wireless carrier NTT DoCoMo, whose recent launch of "Lifestyle" phones included a health-focused, wellness handset. Here's a video demo of that handset with English subtitles. (Thanks to 3G Doctor for the tip.) Check out the video after the jump: