USPTO grants holding company patent for wireless health

By Brian Dolan

"Our company focus is the protection of our Intellectual Property and the commercialization of a development platform of products for solution providers in growing market segments like: the remote collection of data for patient monitoring, physical rehabilitation and strength conditioning, gaming, military, and aviation," Applied Technology Holdings CEO Jay Shears stated in a company press release last week.

ATH applied for a patent for a wireless health body area network system in November of 2006, according to the patent filing.

The company said that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office USPTO granted it a patent for a system that gathers and processes biometric and biomechanical body motion data. The patented system includes low cost motion sensor technology attached to a body, and data storage and retrieval systems to collect body motion and biometric data wirelessly, Shears stated.

The company believes its system will improve physical rehabilitation and home patient care and will help to reduce costs and improve efficiencies.

Read the company's entire press release here

ATH Patent Wireless Health

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