Shorts: CardioNet patent; Cambridge Consultants

By Brian Dolan
08:39 am

CardioNet's 15th patent: In a recent press release, Randy Thurman, CardioNet Chairman, President and CEO, stated: "A key to success in delivering wireless medicine is rooted in our ability to distill the wide variety of information collected from sensors on the body and make that data useful for clinicians or other healthcare providers. With MCOT, we provide electrocardiogram and trended heart rate data to physicians in order for them to make clinically relevant decisions. The issuance of this patent demonstrates our continued focus on innovation for applications in wireless medicine. Establishing and defending our extensive patent portfolio is key to our long-term strategy. This newly issued patent reinforces CardioNet`s position as the pioneer and technology leader in mobile cardiac outpatient telemetry." More

Cambridge Consultants demo event last week: "Now picture the bathroom of the future, where these devices can talk to each other and wirelessly stream information onto a single screen. It's easy to do it with the Bluetooth Health Device Profile and the IEEE Personal Health Data specification," a recent Wired article explained. Cambridge Consultants works very closely with Continua Health Alliance to ensure medical device interoperability. More

US News & World Report discovers Hello Health: "Online, patients can see their doctor's schedule and make their own appointments. If they run late, they can whip out a BlackBerry or iPhone and post a message on a Facebook-like "wall" on the physician's Web page. Hello Health internist Sean Khozin figures he spends as much as 40 percent of his time online—following up with chronic disease cases, for example, to coordinate care. Hello Health is in the process of rolling out nationally." More

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