TEDMED Survey: 43% want no government action to curb obesity

By Brian Dolan
11:38 am

At the TEDMED event in San Diego this week, Penn Schoen Berland distributed a booklet, National Healthcare Survey for TEDMED: Key Findings, on-site at the event. The company conducted 1,005 online interviews with the U.S. general adult public in mid-September. While none of the metrics are specific to wireless health, many point to the peripheral discussions that are important to EHRs, reimbursement, strategies for curbing healthcare costs and the role of government for nudging the general population into making healthy decisions:

62 percent of respondents say they visit online medical websites such as WebMD to self-diagnose a medical problem
37 percent say they've suggested a certain diagnosis or prescription to their doctor based on research they've conducted online
57 percent said they would not trust a robot to perform a routine surgery on them

51 percent think that doctors are paid too much under the current system
35 percent of consumers believe that insurance company profits are the primary driver of healthcare cost inflation
47 percent say government action to curb obesity, while 43 percent would like to see no government action to curb obesity

76 percent support modernizing the record-keeping system used by the healthcare system

(Of those: 44 percent believe that the private industry should be entirely responsible for the costs of medical record keeping modernization while 39 percent said the federal government should pay some or all of the costs to modernize the medical record keeping industry.)

For more, take a look at some of these metrics published in slide form


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