Sleep deprivation; Bluetooth; Tips for adherence

By Brian Dolan
06:30 am

To sleep, perchance to dream: Nearly one-third of Americans get fewer than seven hours of sleep each night, according to a recent CDC survey. Upwards to 70 million Americans might be classified as having chronic sleep or wakefulness disorders, according to the study. While many of these restless sleeper will not turn to the healthcare system for help, there seems to be a growing interest in sleep disorders in wireless health. At the recent TEDMED event the West Wireless Health Institute's Dr. Eric Topol referenced a consumer health start-up, Zeo, which created an alarm clock that connects to peel-and-stick sensors the user wears to bed. The system helps users understand their sleep patterns better. Another start-up, NeuroVigil, was featured at TEDMED, as co-founder Philip Low presented on his company's EEG monitoring system which works with many mobile phones and his company's single lead sensor. More on the CDC study here.

Suped up Bluetooth: An engineering team in India has created a modified Bluetooth with telemedicine in mind: "DICOM images of approximately 1.5 megabytes can be transferred using their modified Bluetooth system in just 120 seconds, compared with 400 seconds for standard Bluetooth." Their paper will be published in the next issue of the International Journal of Medical Engineering and Informatics. More

The five-pronged approach for increasing medication adherence: RAND and Avalere Health held a conference with about 40 medication adherence experts this past July. Following the meeting, the group published a five-prong approach for increasing medication adherence: Quality Improvement, Care Coordination, Health IT, Patient/Provider Education and Engagement, Health Services Research. While we have written about a number of companies working on medication adherence: Vitality, Jitterbug, MedMinder and many more -- Novartis CEO Dan Vasella reminded us earlier this year that health IT alone won't solve medication adherence. Despite that, Novartis isn't shunning the tech side of adherence either: The company recently inked a deal with intelligent medicine start-up Proteus Biomedical. Here's more on the five tips for adherence.

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