Mayo Clinic, STM develop wireless cardiac monitor

By Brian Dolan

mayoclinicSTMicroelectronics has inked a deal with Mayo Clinic to collaborate on a wireless remote monitoring system for patients with chronic cardiovascular diseases. An initial program of patient trials is already underway, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Details about the offering are still sketchy, but the initial press release explains that STM contributed its "advanced sensor, microprocessor and communication products" to the collaboration while Mayo Clinic offered its medical expertise. The monitoring system includes "a combination of sensors, ultra-low-power microcontroller and wireless modules, and interfaces to provide information about the patient’s heart rate, breathing rate, physical activity and other measurements wirelessly obtained from external medical devices." No word on what specific external medical devices are used in conjunction with the system.

“Mayo Clinic has always committed the best available resources to caring for patients with cardiovascular disease. This collaboration, by enhancing our ability to record important physiologic information while patients are outside the medical environment and active in their daily lives, will extend our ability to prevent and treat illness,” Mayo Clinic's Paul Friedman, M.D., a cardiology consultant and specialist in cardiovascular electrophysiology.

Depending on the specifics, this offering may be in competition with similar wireless healthcare offerings from companies like CardioNet, LifeWatch and others.

For Mayo Clinic's plans for other wireless offerings -- mostly in terms of delivering health information to their patients via mobile phones -- be sure to read MobiHealthNews' interview with Mayo's Scott Eising from earlier this year (Interview: Mayo Clinic forges its mobile strategy.)

For more on Mayo Clinic's collaboration with STM, check out the companies' press release here.