Australian CEO: Time to invest in mHealth

By Brian Dolan

More mobile health-related news is trickling out of the big wireless conference: Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain: The largest wireless carrier in Australia, Telstra is looking to healthcare as an opportunity during the worldwide economic downturn.

"But crisis can also breed innovation and opportunities," Telstra CEO Sol Trujillo told MarketWatch. As the recent Vodafone+U.N. mHealth Alliance announcement demonstrates, governments realize that they cannot continue to spend as freely on healthcare as they currently do, so they need to get savvy and spend on the right technology. 

"Governments are coming to us and asking for solutions," Trujillo said.

Trujillo gave an example: Telstra has begun fitting medical vans with the equipment necessary to send via Telstra's wireless network a scan that can then be read in real-time at a nearby hospital. 

"A process that could take five days before can take five minutes," he said.

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