Triage Wireless now Sotera Wireless

By Brian Dolan
06:38 am

Triage WirelessSan Diego, California-based start-up Triage Wireless has changed its name to Sotera Wireless as part of an agreement with Inverness Medical Innovations, which markets products under the Triage brand.

logo-triage-wireles-topTriage Wireless, now Sotera Wireless, has close ties to Qualcomm and is developing continuous, non-invasive blood pressure monitoring technology with arterial-line accuracy and without the need for frequent cuff inflations. This technology is at the core of Sotera’s monitoring platform, called ViSi Mobile, which includes a wireless, body-worn device to monitor the patient's vital signs. The start-up is focused on the in-hospital market first, but its systems could find a market in remote patient monitoring or consumer health in the years ahead.

Perhaps interesting to note that "soter" means "savior" in Ancient Greek.

Sotera's press release explained the name change decision:

"The decision to change the Company’s name arose from a settlement with Inverness Medical Innovations, Inc., which markets certain diagnostic products under the Triage brand. Inverness obtained the Triage brand when it merged with Biosite Incorporated in 2007. Under the terms of the settlement, Triage Wireless agreed to change its trademarked name, which it has used since 2004. As part of the agreement Inverness will pay an undisclosed settlement fee."

For more, read the entire press release here


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