Global health round-up: Microsoft, DataDyne

By Brian Dolan

Microsoft has launched awards for mobile health solutions in Africa: “We propose to demonstrate the potential of mobile phones to enable the delivery of healthcare-related services on the African continent. We invite Africa-based researchers to apply for grants of cash to conduct one-year studies. Successful proposals will use Microsoft technologies and may also employ the capability of a mobile phone to interface with other devices, such as specialist medical hardware. A fieldwork component is strongly encouraged and the potential to increase the scale of the project (to, for example, serve large populations, address multiple diseases, or service various regions) is essential." More

3GDoctor reports on a feature in South Africa-based ITWeb: "An optimistic piece on how Mobile Heralds Healthcare Revolution and M-health is the next big step in terms of healthcare delivery." More

India-based Wipro has created a gateway that uses cellular (GSM) technology to collect data remotely from medical devices, including blood pressure monitors, glucose meters, pedometers, and weighing scales available with patients in rural areas of India. More

mHealth pioneer's platform named "Most Influential Innovation": Forbes named one of the most well-known global health innovators, Joel Selanikio, COO and Co-Founder of Washington DC-based DataDyne as the “Most Influential Innovation” among seven technology innovators for his “EpiSurveyor disease outbeak software.” More