GE's Vscan ultrasound device sub-$10,000

By Brian Dolan
06:22 am

Medgadget got the inside word from GE on its newly unveiled Vscan device, which is a wireless ultrasound device that is about the size of a mobile phone. GE also recently announced that clinical trials are currently underway in hospitals in Spain and Italy. Medgadget acquired a list of some of the specifications about the device:

Vscan will cost less than $10,000; it will have about one hour of operational battery life, and will require about one hour to charge the battery; the battery will be interchangable and will include a separate charger; the device will also have software to interface with still images and videos with electronic medical records.

At TEDMED last month, The West Wireless Health Institute's CMO Dr. Eric Topol predicted that tools like GE's Vscan are pushing the stethoscope to extinction. Topol predicted that by 2016 physicians won't need the stethoscope anymore.

Medgadget has much more on the device, here. Or continue on to watch a demon of the Vscan device:


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