MedAptus brings charge capture to BlackBerry

By Brian Dolan

Boston, MA-based MedAptus announced that three versions of its transactional medical application have been extended to Blackberry devices: The company has extended its Professional Intelligent Charge Capture software, including its Practice Plus Edition, Inpatient Edition and Enterprise Edition to BlackBerry. MedAptus counts its customers in the "thousands" and they include single-specialty groups, larger multi-specialty practices and academic medical centers, according to the company.

MedAptus explains its move to BlackBerry by citing the oft-quoted Manhattan Research's report earlier this year, which it claims also estimates that more than"half of current physician smartphone users have BlackBerry devices for activities that range from patient monitoring to administrative tasks such as charge capture."

MedAptus is already available for Windows Mobile devices, and it will be available for "some" iPhone models some time next year, according to the company.

“MedAptus was founded on the belief that busy providers need appropriate tools to help enhance personal and operational efficiency. The evolution of hardware since our first system deployments has been radical – where we once encountered occasional resistance to the notion of a provider adopting mobile computing, nowadays the ‘device’ has become as commonplace as the stethoscope. Extending our suite to the BlackBerry platform was an easy decision given the significant proliferation of the brand across healthcare,” James Scott, vice president of engineering at MedAptus stated in a company release.

For more, read the entire release here