Intel Health Guide lands varied customer base

By Brian Dolan
04:25 am

Intel Health GuideIntel announced a whole slew of new customers for its Intel Health Guide in the U.S., including the Veterans Affairs (VA) Rural Resource Center Western Region, Memorial Hospital and Health System in South Bend, Indiana; Nightingale Home Healthcare of Indiana; and all seven independently owned offices of the Home Care Group.

The Intel Health Guide is an FDA-cleared remote patient monitoring system, that includes a touch screen tablet computer, which offers multiple connectivity options including cable/DSL broadband, cellular wireless and residential phone service. Here's how each of the three new customers plan to use Intel's Health Guide:

"At Memorial, the Intel Health Guide will be piloted in high-risk obstetrics patients with gestational diabetes and preeclampsia who have been discharged from the hospital setting. Ongoing clinician monitoring of these patients’ vital signs and communicating with them via video conferencing is intended to catch potential health crises in advance and also prevent unnecessary re-hospitalizations.

"Nightingale Home Healthcare of Indiana, which currently manages the largest number of patients monitored under a telemedicine program in Indiana and the Midwest, will use the Intel Health Guide to monitor patients with heart disease, renal disease, metabolic syndrome and orthopedic disabilities. Its goal in deploying the Intel Health Guide is to put the patient first and ensure the highest quality of care, which they expect will lead to reduced costs and fewer re-hospitalizations.

"At the Home Care Group – which includes seven independently owned offices in Florida, Illinois, Indiana and Michigan – nurses will use the Intel Health Guide to monitor patients with diabetes, congestive heart failure and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease to ensure that they can live independently in the comfort of their homes for as long as possible.

Intel also announced a new enterprise reseller: GTSI.

For more, read this press release


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