2013: Disease Management worth $460M

By Brian Dolan
06:56 am

Parks' DM ChartWhile the more than $19 billion stimulus funds for healthcare I.T. don't specify it--they will help mHealth, PHR providers and health monitoring devices generate up to $460 million in revenue come 2013, according to a recent report by Parks Associates. The key is to target the disease management (DM) industry. Parks points not only to the Obama administration's stimulus package and reform plans, but also to overall changes to the healthcare landscape as drivers for accelerated technology spending during the next five years. 

Parks writes that tech vendors already familiar with the unique characteristics and challenges present in the disease management business are likely to be in the best position to win contracts--in other words, too late for newcomers?

Check out Parks' most recent report, Disease Management Industry and High-Tech Adoption for more.

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