Survey: Parents want mobile diabetes management

By Brian Dolan
06:13 am

Close to 70 percent of parents with children who have Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes had a "very positive" review of a mobile phone glucometer prototype that Partners Healthcare's Center for Connected Health developed. More than 50 percent of the parents expressed interest in signing up for a service that includes such a device, according to result from an online survey. Nearly 30 percent of parents said they would "definitely sign up" for the prototype mobile phone glucometer service, while an additional 27.7 percent said that they would "probably sign up."

Additionally nearly 85 percent of parents wanted shorter wait times to see their physicians and close to 80 percent wanted easier phone access to their physicians, while 78 percent would like to be able to contact their physician via email to discuss their child's diabetes.

“These study results provide strong evidence for the link between current problems in our medical system and the willingness for parents to adopt new technologies that can overcome these problems,” Joseph C. Kvedar, MD, director, Center for Connected Health stated in a release. “Increased enthusiasm for the use of communications technology in patient care management is helping to overcome traditional barriers to technology adoption, making the use of these technologies in clinical practice more feasible.”

For more on the survey, read this release from Partners


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