Center for Connected Health's startup: SmartBeat

By Brian Dolan
08:50 am

Earlier this year, Boston-based health system Partners Healthcare's Center for Connected Health spun out a startup initially focused on a high blood pressure management service. The startup was temporarily named "Connected Health," while it shopped around for venture capital and a better brand name. Today the Center for Connected Health announced that the startup will be called SmartBeat.

SmartBeat first piloted its offering as part of a wellness program at Boston area EMC Corporation. SmartBeat aims to provide employees with anytime, anywhere access to self-management tools to improve their health and make positive lifestyle and health behavior changes. SmartBeat does much more than just high blood pressure management now. Here's how SmartBeat describes its product:

"SmartBeat is a self-management and monitoring program designed to enable employees to proactively manage their health. SmartBeat provides employees with anytime, anywhere access to self-management tools to improve their health, and guides employees to make positive lifestyle and health behavior changes. Participants receive devices that store and transmit vital sign data (blood pressure readings, blood glucose readings, step counts and weight), and an Internet-based self-management system. The personalized website provides automated, targeted feedback on the vital sign data for improved health and understanding. The program is available for monitoring of hypertension, diabetes, activity and weight."

When the Center first announced plans to spin out SmartBeat it described it as an offering that “gives patients the tools to be their own doctor” beginning with a wireless blood pressure cuff for at-home and on-the-go monitoring. The cuff allows users to upload their blood pressure information to an online portal that their doctor can access, but the portal also provides users with coaching messages like “get more exercise” or “good job.”

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