Aussie operator: Mobile-based diabetes manager

By Brian Dolan

Entra Health Systems, an applied healthcare technology developer, is powering a mobile phone-based diabetes management service recently launched on Australian wireless operator Telstra's network. The service is called the Telstra Diabetes Management Online Service in Australia, and it includes Entra's MyGlucoHealth Wireless meter, Bluetooth technology and the user's mobile phone. Entra is calling it the "first commercially available mobile phone application for people with diabetes" in Australia.

Entra Health

"The Telstra Diabetes Management Online Service uses the MyGlucoHealth Wireless blood glucose meter with integrated Bluetooth® technology to transmit test results through a Telstra mobile phone over the Telstra Next G™ network to a secure web portal. Individual patient results from the meter can then be accessed via mobile phone, or online by the patient’s care team. Sophisticated online analytics, trend analysis and other charting capabilities make review of patient data fast and easy.

"The Telstra Diabetes Management Online Service features real-time alerts and messages using SMS or emails to the patient and care team to allow virtually real-time monitoring. Alerts can be customized to include messaging for high/low readings, trend warnings, low testing frequency, and other parameters that are key to improving personal care."

For more on the deal, read this press release