CTIA to FCC: Network neutrality threatens mHealth

By Brian Dolan

The wireless association CTIA put together a series of video interviews and presentations focused on wireless health for their Wonder of Wireless (WoW) series. The wireless health focused segment includes an interview with MedApps, an interview with CTIA President Steve Largent about wireless trends for 2010, a presentation on carriers' needs for additional spectrum because of wireless health, and a story about a woman whose life is saved by her cell phone.

The real meat of the program is the policy segment, which is just the latest effort from CTIA to convince the FCC and rally the wireless industry around the cause for more spectrum. We covered the CTIA's letter to the FCC late last year, which included the request for more spectrum and a request that carriers continue to be able to manage their own networks. (Be sure to read CTIA's letter here, it includes a wealth of information about the wireless health industry). Here are a few excerpts from the WoW program:

"mHealth is making positive changes for Americans. Better connecting them to care, providing better information and reducing costs. CTIA believes the FCC should adopt policies to promote the continued growth of mHealth in the United States by allocating additional spectrum, retain carriers ability to manage their networks, and using a technology neutral to universal service rural health care support mechanisms. ... CTIA recommends an additional 800 MHz be allocated for commercial services. ... Life saving data is being transmitted in real-time via wireless and significant and responsible network management by carriers is crucial and necessary for mHealth to operate effectively."

Head over to CTIA's site to watch the entire WoW program