Adidas adds coaching to wireless fitness device

By Brian Dolan
09:11 am

Adidas announced new features for its miCoach offering at a press event here at the Consumer Electronics Show 2010 in Las Vegas. miCoach, a connected fitness device and platform, competes with Nike+iPod/iPhone, Fitbit and a number of other simpler fitness devices like Philips' DirectLife. Adidas added miCoach Pacer and miCoach Zone to its connected fitness line. Here's how the company describes each new product:

"The miCoach Pacer – a small, lightweight device that delivers real-time audible coaching as a user exercises via headphones or combined with their own MP3 player. During a run, the miCoach Pacer verbally coaches the runner (i.e. speed up to green zone, slow down to blue zone, etc.) to ensure that they are staying within their targeted heart rate zone and keeps them running at the right personal level.

"The miCoach Zone – an easy to read color-code LED display on a wristband device provides accurate, real-time information making it easy to train at the right intensity with the help of a heart rate monitor."

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For more on miCoach, check out the Adidas press release


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