Meridian Health taps MedApps for CHF

By Brian Dolan
02:40 pm

MedAppsWireless remote monitoring technology developer MedApps has announced a partnership with New Jersey-based healthcare provider Meridian Health, to monitor patients who were recently discharged from acute care settings with Congestive Heart Failure (CHF). According to the two companies, the aim is to monitor the patients on a daily "near real-time" basis in an effort to improve patient outcomes and decrease re-admissions to the hospitals. (It's worth noting that Anthem Blue Cross (California) just announced a pilot for CHF too with Ideal Life.)

Meridian Health plans to equip its CHF patients with MedApps’ HealthPAL and HealthCOM devices to track their biometric data, which nurses and physicians will then review remotely. According to the two groups:

"The program’s objectives include: 1) Monitor signs and symptoms immediately after discharge from hospital environments and provide comprehensive, individualized education and follow up support; 2) Promote patient self-management, independence and adherence to prescribed treatments; and 3) Help identify early signs / symptoms of worsening conditions in a post acute environment. A further and equally important goal will be to reduce re-admission rates and ER utilization of patients with CHF."

Meridian Health has been a very active healthcare provider for the connected health industry: Jitterbug recently conducted a pilot with the provider to test out its medication reminder service. Given the healthcare provider's interest in wireless health, it's not suprise that it was ranked as one of the "25 Most Wireless Hospitals" of 2009 by one publication.

For more on MedApps' pilot with Meridian, read the release here


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