AccuWeather offers up WeatherMD app

By Brian Dolan
08:37 am

AccuWeather WeatherMD iPhone AppHere's an interesting twist for a smartphone application offering from a big brand: AccuWeather announced today the release of an iPhone application called WeatherMD, which helps users predict when symptoms their various medical conditions might be at their worst during the day because of weather. The app targets users with arthritis, asthma, migraines, allergies and sinus problems. WeatherMD, however, is not just intended for use by those with top of mind medical ailments, however, it also provides fitness enthusiasts with suggestions for different kinds of exercise based on the week's weather conditions.

WeatherMD is also GPS-enabled so it displays "highly visual" weather maps, according to the company, based on where the user is currently located. The maps can display concentrations of pollen from grass, weed, tree and other allergens for the next two days. It costs $3.99 in the iTunes AppStore.

Source: AppScout

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