Shorts: Epilepsy meds; ECG Patent; Mayo

By Brian Dolan
12:38 pm

BBC covers text message reminders for epilepsy patients: The National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery (NHNN), has begun offering a new service to help patients remember to take their meds through text message reminders. More

Patent for handheld ECG: NewCardio secured a U.S. patent for 12-lead handheld ECG monitoring device, CardioBip: "Patients can carry the CardioBip with them and use it to generate and transmit synthesized, accurate 12-lead ECGs at physician prescribed intervals of time, during ordinary daily activity or when symptoms develop. What makes CardioBip unique is its extreme ease of use, combined with the ability to generate recordings substantially equivalent in quality with standard 12-lead ECGs. The CardioBip works without any cables, cumbersome leads, wires or inconvenient skin electrodes, as the device's electrodes are integrated, offering potential compatibility with popular hand-held PDA platforms." More

Mayo Clinic to remotely monitor "medical miracle" runner: This from an article in the New York Times: About 12 years ago, Diane Van Deren underwent brain surgery to find relief from debilitating epileptic seizures. Following the surgery, however, Van Deren has become one of the world's top endurance runners. Mayo Clinic plans to remotely monitor Van Deren on an upcoming endurance challenge down a mountain in South America to see how her body and mind can accomplish such feats in records times. More

LA Times covers the pedometer trend: "When we ask people to start an exercise program, it's important to have measurable, achievable goals, and adding this self-monitoring component is very critical," says Simon Marshall, associate professor of exercise and nutritional science at San Diego State University. "We don't know why exactly, but keeping a number, a prompt, in our consciousness on a regular basis is important, and that's why pedometers are superior to other methods. It's on you all the time." Comprehensive read with lessons for all stakeholders in connected health. More

CardioNet appoints new CFO: Wireless cardiac monitoring company CardioNet has appointed Heather C. Getz as Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. More

Value-added Resellers (VARs) begin to eye market for mobile technologies in healthcare: "Healthcare has a lot of segments, including hospitals, clinics, physician offices, labs and testing facilities, nursing homes, emergency services and home healthcare. HIS companies are into mobile apps, such as point of care, lab/pharma/materials tracking, but, 'There are a lot of white space opportunities that are not obvious,' said Global Bay's Sandeep Bhanote." More


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