Japan: Startup launches wireless ECG service

By Brian Dolan
02:40 pm

WIN Human RecorderWearable Information Networks (WIN) Human Recorder, a Japanese startup, just brought a wireless ECG sensor service to market, according to a report in Japanese news portal Nikkei. WIN's Human Recorder system collects data from a lightweight wireless sensor attached to the user's chest that transmits data wirelessly to a mobile phone or PC.

The Human Recorder system is capable of measuring ECG signals, heart rate, brain waves, accelerated velocity, body temperature, respiration, pulse wave and more.

For its first product however, WIN Human Recorder released a device called HRS-I, which tracks electrocardiographic signals, body surface temperature and activity levels (three axis accelerometer).

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The company says the device can run for three to four days with a simple button battery. HRS-I is intended for use by health monitoring service providers. The startup said the service fee will be around $111 a month and the device itself will cost about $333 to purchase.

For more, read this report from DVICE


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