Shorts: Data tsunami; Quantified living; SMS

By Brian Dolan

Data tsunami to overwhelm: According to a survey sponsored by Dell and conducted by HIMSS, small and medium sized hospitals in the US, Europe and China are not ready for the "wave of data" that is set to "inundate" their systems over the next couple of years. More

Another entrant in the person locator service for Alzheimer's patients and others: "Aerotel Medical Systems of Holon, Israel has partnered with EcoTec of Tampere, Finland to bring the GeoSkeeper personal tracker and communication system to Finnish consumers. The watch-like device has GPS and mobile phone functionality to allow users to send their coordinates if they are calling for help." More

The power of what is perhaps mobile's simplest offering: SMS -- "Mobile Health Interventions, a new company dedicated to transforming the delivery of health services, [recently] announced the launch of its innovative health text messaging applications: Health Txts and Custom Txts." More

The ultimate "quantified living" report? Man quantifies and details his every activity in 2009 then releases annual report. More