Shorts: HITECH apps; Keas-Pfizer; 3M

By Brian Dolan
06:01 am

3M Bluetooth stethoscopeHITECH enables health app future? Vince Kuraitis over at e-Caremanagement has penned a though-provoking post: "If you rethink health care, just about ANY technology or service can be reconceptualized as an app that COULD run on a common platform. Mull this over for a while. Let’s take remote patient monitoring (RPM) as an example," Kuraitis writes. "In the past if you want to provide RPM for your patients, you have to buy a separate, non-interoperable appliance (hardware + software) to get this type of functionality. Tomorrow, thanks to the HITECH Act and to the foresight of how Dr. Blumenthal and staff are implementing the legislation, a common health IT platform will be available on which you can buy interoperable RPM apps. The details have yet to be worked out, but the vision is clear." More

Keas inks Pfizer deal: Keas founder Adam Bosworth detailed the start-up's mobile strategy last week at the mHI event, as we reported yesterday, but earlier this week the company also announced a deal with Pfizer. So far there seem to be no care plans in Keas' quiver designed by or offered by Pfizer but we'll keep an eye on it. More

Canadian groups band together for CC prevention: In Canada more than 30 organizations are banding together and contributing $15.5 million to drive initiatives for preventing chronic diseases. More

BlackBerry projector device: HITSP Chair John Halamka picked a mobile projector device as his "Cool Technology of the Week." For work, anyway, Halamka is a BlackBerry fan. More

3M's Bluetooth stethoscope for consumers, too? According to a promo page for the new 3M Bluetooth stethoscope, the company plans to make the device available to consumers for at-home use in the future. More

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