Shorts: Sleep therapy; Wii; Consumer health

By Brian Dolan

Sleep respironics system wins GSMA award: At the GSM Association's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week, Philips and Cinterion won an award for best embedded mobile offering for their System One, mHealth respironics sleep therapy service. More

New Manhattan Research report on consumer health finds news content trumps social media: "With all the changes in media and healthcare, we think it's critical for marketers to take a step back and check their assumptions around the relative influence of various health sources on consumer behavior," said Monique Levy, senior director of research at Manhattan Research and lead author of the report. "We found many interesting results that can help marketers better align their marketing strategies in 2010. For example, despite the buzz around social media, editorial health content still has significantly more influence over consumer health actions than various forms of social media." More

Consumer health lowering price points for clinical therapy? According to early tests, a $99 Wii Balance Board -- a peripheral device for users of Nintendo's Wii gaming system -- has outperformed a $17,885 Medical Rig for balance therapy for stroke patients. New Scientist published a paper by Ross Clark and his team which compared the two devices. More