Shorts: World Economic Forum; Bluetooth; CDC

By Brian Dolan
09:15 am

World Economic Forum turned attention to wireless health: At the World Economic Forum last month, a number of wireless health start-ups were among the speakers. One was Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs whose team has uploaded this video about the wireless health opportunity. Word has it that the WEF's telecom group will have wireless health as a focus this year. Video

Japanese operator to leverage Bluetooth-enabled Bluegiga tech: Finland-based Bluegiga Technologies has released a new product for the wireless health industry: Bluegiga eHealth Access Point, which is based on Bluetooth's health device profile. Bluegiga announced that its first customer will be a remote monitoring service for Japan-based Alive Inc. Alive powers Japan's largest wireless operator, NTT Docomo's "wellness support service." The service will focus on cardiac remote monitoring to start. More

Where does health fit into mobile Internet usage: Ruder Finn has created a handy guide for mobile Internet use and Jane Sarasohn-Kahn over at Health Populii has looked into the healthcare angle: "Over-arching is the citizen's value of immediacy. For the health-citizen, immediacy means access to support, nudging, clinical facts, and monitoring on a 24x7 basis if one chooses to most fully engage in managing a chronic condition, or staying well..." Sarasohn-Kahn writes. "For those health citizens and providers who choose to take advantage of it, the mobile web will be the next platform for health -- whether via cell phone for receiving messages via Text4Baby, via smartphone or full feature phone for managing carb intake via a health app like SparkPeople or Keas, or empowering health workers in Malawi through the open source network of FrontlineSMS:medic." More

CDC says women more likely to look up health info online: According to the report: "Fifty-eight percent of women ages 18 to 64 reported using the Internet to look up health information in the past 12 months, compared with 43.4 percent of men ages 18 to 64." More


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