Six differences between mHealth and eHealth

By Brian Dolan
05:03 am

Dr. Ted Eytan, the Medical Director for Delivery Systems Operations Improvement for the Permanente Federation, has penned an important post that offers up six distinctions between mobile health and eHealth -- Eytan emphasized that these are not reasons that mHealth is better than eHealth, just differences worth noting. Here's a quick redux (to understand the nuances, and there are many, be sure to read Eytan's post):

1) Overall, more people -- nearly everyone -- has access to a mobile, while some 26 percent of the population does not have desktop Web access (Pew).

2) Desktop web access is more common among more educated, more affluent people, while for mobile, an inverse-relationship exists there.

3) mHealth apps or services are more difficult to setup (develop and create) than web services.

4) More so than eHealth, with mHealth "telecommunications people will be very important moving forward."

5) For mHealth, a lot of the innovation is coming out of India, China, South America and Mexico. Countries with less resources are producing services that look to work well in our resource-poor healthcare industry.

6) mHealth is more personal.

Eytan's post is a must-read, check it out here.


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