Solar-powered Puma Phone all about fitness

By Brian Dolan

Puma PhoneAthletic sneaker and fashion design company Puma teamed up with tech firm Sagem to launch a mobile phone earlier this week at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. As you might expect, fitness applications and tools are at the core of the phone's offerings: The Puma Phone features a pedometer, GPS tracker, compass and stopwatch for fitness enthusiasts. The phone also sports a large solar charger on its back, which can help those long distance runners out there keep their tunes playing and fitness trackers tracking while they run.

While Puma and Sagem have so far kept mum on a price for the device, they have disclosed that the Puma Phone will first hit the European market. Should that launch go well the company will bring it to the U.S., too, according to reports.

There are already thousands of fitness applications available for iPhone users, but the Puma Phone doesn't look to compete with that group. Despite its offerings, those on-site at Mobile World Congress classify the phone as a feature phone, not a smartphone.

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