HIMSS Goes Mobile: Honeywell; Google; Nuance

By Brian Dolan
05:13 am

Google Health announced a number of deals at HIMSS -- including integration with Surescripts, an e-prescribing network in the US, which Google says will help accelerate the availability of prescription drug history to Google Health users. On the mobile front, Google Health announced a deal with Withings for its WiFi Body Scale, which now allows Google Health users to seamlessly update their weight and other data to their online profiles. More

Nuance is demonstrating four voice-enabled mobile solutions for smartphones: Dragon Medical Mobile Dictation – Nuance will demonstrate a healthcare version of its Dragon Dictation app, which is based on Dragon NaturallySpeaking speech recognition technology. The app allows clinicians to dictate patient notes, emails and text messages instead of typing them on a mobile device, according to the company. Dragon Medical Mobile Search – Will provides an intuitive voice-powered solution that gives clinicians a smarter way to search for medical information and will be made available by April 30th. Dragon Medical Mobile Recorder – Nuance's on-the-go dictation app that can send the recording to a transcription where a high-quality draft document is created and then sent back to the clinician for review and sign-off. Dragon Medical Mobile SDK – Nuance is previewing its software development kit so that others can integrate Dragon into their health IT solutions: "Eclipsys is the first healthcare information technology company to embed Dragon Medical Mobile SDK within its mobile application suite to enable speech-driven navigation and clinical documentation," according to Nuance's press release. More

Honeywell: While Honeywell's (new) mobile offering, the Dolphin 9700hc, is more than a year old now -- the company will demo how it is working with Aruba Networks, Cerner, Dataflo, Lawson, EmKat, SOTI and Sydion LLC. Applications that Honeywell's partners have created include bedside medication verification, emergency field based care, and materials management. More (UPDATE: The old device was the Dolphin 9900hc, apologies for the confusion.)


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