Shorts: 02; UNAIDS; Health Buddy; BJ Fogg

By Brian Dolan

UK carrier O2 has formed a mobile healthcare division: UK's mobile carrier O2 has appointed Keith Nurcombe, previously an executive at GlaxoSmithKline, to lead its new mobile healthcare division. More

Mobile phones newest tool to battle AIDS: "I don't think in any of our African countries we will be able to wait [for health professionals], or ... have enough of those people," said Michel Sidibe, executive director of the United Nations AIDS agency. "Community health workers go out with a mobile phone connected to a central referral hospital, can take temperatures... and doctors at the referral units advise on drugs to administer." More

CMS funds Health Buddy program in the Bronx: Late last month Robert Bosch Healthcare and CMO, The Care Management Company launched a telehealth program for as many as 6,600 Medicare beneficiaries in the Bronx, NY. Bosch is offering them the "Health Buddy" system, which enables care managers and nurses the ability to monitor seniors and disabled adults. CMS is funding the program as part of the agency's Care Management for High-Cost Beneficiaries Demonstration. More

15 types of behavior change: BJ Fogg of Stanford University's Persuasive Technology Lab, recently posted a "behavior grid" that details 15 types of behavior change.  Each of Fogg's 15 types requires a different strategy or technique: Persuading someone to buy a book online requires a different strategy than getting them to quit smoking forever. Fogg's breakdown could be very helpful for those working in mHealth. (Fogg is also the co-author of Texting 4 Health). More