Small firms form Aging Technology Alliance

By Brian Dolan

After the What's Next Boomer Business Summit a group of some 50 representatives from aging technology firms met up for the first open meeting of the Aging Technology Alliance, also called AgeTek. The group originally formed in Janurary after the Silvers Summit at the Consumers Electronics Show in Las Vegas. What's particularly interesting about AgeTek is that its board of advisors are decidedly from small companies only, according to Telecare Aware. Member companies must have 100 employees or fewer.

"The purpose of the group is akin to a local Chamber of Commerce--to promote the awareness, benefits and value of member products and services, and to assist in the advancement of member companies in the aging technology industry," Telecare Aware reported. "The membership will inevitably include competitors in fall detection, remote monitoring etc. but that everyone understands that the industry as a whole still needs to establish its place in the boomer/senior/chronic condition monitoring market, and to do so they must work together."

According to Telecare Aware, AgeTek is distinguishing itself from similar groups like the Continua Health Alliance, by asking for low membership dues in order to include smaller companies: "This also promises a high level of nimbleness--contrasting with Continua Alliance, which priced out smaller companies almost immediately, emphasized the giants, and had to restage itself after two years," Telecare Aware reported.

For more, read the full post at Telecare Aware or visit the AgeTek site here