Vitality taps Telit for GlowCap connectivity

By Brian Dolan
09:00 pm

Vitality GlowCapWhile Vitality, the maker of GlowCaps announced this week that it had inked a deal with AT&T to provide cellular connectivity for its medication adherence service, the real news is that Vitality has tapped Telit for its embedded wireless module. (MobiHealthNews reported on Vitality's deal with AT&T more than six months ago -- revisit it here.)

Vitality GlowCaps illuminate, play a melody, and even ring a home phone so patients don't forget to take their medications, according to the company. GlowCaps are able to send weekly emails to remote caregivers, create accountability with doctors through an adherence report, and automatically refill prescriptions.

While this has been well advertised all over Boston, Vitality is also currently working with researchers at Harvard Medical School and Partners' Center for Connected Health to study the impact of GlowCaps.

“For the first time in the healthcare industry we can use minute-by-minute adherence data to motivate healthy behavior,” David Rose, CEO of Vitality stated in a company release. “Telit’s module enables Vitality to call people when they don’t take their medication and refill people’s medications before they run out.”

For more, read the Telit - Vitality press release here

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