Shorts: Text4Baby Russia; Calorie counts mandated

By Brian Dolan
12:03 am

Esther Dyson, journalist, pundit, Flickr, 23andMe and de.lic.ious investor (among many others) sees great potential in mHealth, consumer health and the quantified self movement. More Also read that Dyson's helping to bring Text4Baby to Russia.

Sprint unveiled a new smart phone called Evo 4G, made by HTC that runs on Google's Android and includes two cameras -- one low res camera on the front of the phone and one high res one on the back. Sprint CEO Dan Hesse showed the phone off on-stage here at CTIA Wireless 2010 in Las Vegas. The carrier says that Evo 4G is capable of conducting video calls over the carrier's 4G network. Hesse touted this as key to wireless health during his HIMSS keynote a few weeks ago.

Chilmark Research notes that Apple sure is touting healthcare as a key enterprise market for healthcare with 20 percent of the case studies listed on the Apple site as healthcare related ones. More

Calorie counts mandated at some restaurans by health reform bill, according to ZDNet.

Given Imaging, makers of the PillCam, are set to acquire Sierra Scientific Instruments, a gastrointestinal diagnostic devices company. More


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