Investor: Measure, predict, preempt and manage

By Brian Dolan
06:55 am

Michael Goldberg Mohr Davidow VenturesThe first presentation at MobiHealthNews Presents: Everywhere Healthcare event last week was a spirited talk given by Mohr Davidow Venture General Partner Michael Goldberg. Goldberg led MDV's investment in wireless health company Corventis and is actively seeking out other wireless health startups with a clinical focus. (Re-read our interview with Goldberg from last year for more on his team's investment predilections.)

During his presentation Goldberg explained why MDV is interested in wireless health investments, how wireless health fits into the wider personalized medicine trend and which of the big trends are driving investor interest in healthcare today. Goldberg concluded by sharing more about Corventis and its go-to-market strategy.

Continue reading for highlights from Goldberg's presentation at MobiHealthNews' Everywhere Healthcare event last week, including some of the more informative and illustrative slides.

Mohr Davidow Ventures and Personalized Medicine

Mohr Davidow Ventures Personalized Medicine

At Mohr Davidow Ventures, we really get excited at the churn that occurs at the convergence of intersecting disciplines. One of those is certainly personalized medicine. Personalized medicine uses quantitative measures to deliver right treatment to right patient at right time in the course of their illness. Most of MDV's investments are in enabling platforms or in theemerging field of genetics/genomics conveging with diagnostics.

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