Shorts: Global health; Pessimistic docs; Analytics

By Brian Dolan
07:53 am

Wireless lifelines in global health: Noted global health thought leader James Bon Tempo penned an editorial for the Baltimore Sun focused on wireless tools that help care workers improve healthcare in other countries. Bon Tempo points to examples in Malawi, Kenya and South Africa and closes with: "This may be one of the greatest technological opportunities in our lifetime, and as the challenges are overcome, we can look forward to saving lives, one mobile phone at a time." Certainly worth a read: More

Doctors are pessimistic: A recent survey conducted by athenahealth and Sermo has found that 59 percent of physicians believe that the quality of US medicine will decline in the next five years. Just 18 percent of physicians surveyed said they believe it will improve. More

Investors less interested in EMRs more interested in analytics: As EMRs become more of a commodity, investors in healthcare technology companies are eyeing analytics, patient safety and other applications that sit on top of EMRs as the big opportunity. More

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Heart and brain on-a-chip: Texas Instruments unveiled new chip that offers a complete analog front-end to electrocardiogram (ECG) and Electroencephalography (EEG) applications. Read more at ZDNet.


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