Investor: Health reform needs to tackle costs

By Brian Dolan
07:35 pm

"We should all hold out hope that this is not a one-time event, that this is the first step in genuine healthcare reform," E. David Hertz, managing director of Cutlass Capital said at the Health Technology Investment Forum according to a report in HealthcareITNews. "It's just that the first step is really insurance reform and provided a very, very important societal benefit in the form of access, but did virtually nothing to deal with - ultimately what we all have to wrestle with - the cost side of the equation."

Hertz said that wellness will be a growth area for healthcare and smartphone applications like those offered for the iPhone will enable consumers to become their own wellness managers. "If you have a solution that really works, gets hard dollars costs out and customers are your partners, it's a huge win-win."

"Access is expanding, costs aren't contracting," McCord said. "The best companies are those that don't take advantage of that situation but try to fix it," said Christopher McCord, principal at Healthcare Growth Partners.

For more from the event, check out this article from HIT News


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