Verizon Wireless health platform: BL Healthcare

By Brian Dolan
07:36 am

BL Healthcare TCx-I SystemHere's a deal that Steve Linke, Associate Director Open Development at Verizon Wireless hinted at last month at MobiHealthNews Presents, Everywhere Healthcare: Verizon Wireless announced an "initiative" with BL Healthcare, a number of customers and third-party providers to jointly trial next-generation solutions for the delivery of remote healthcare applications and services to patients.

According to the press release circulated by Verizon Wireless, the trial aims to provide a unique approach for addressing issues associated with access to quality healthcare and rising healthcare costs. The wireless carrier notes that BL Healthcare will become an "ecosystem developer" for Verizon Wireless:

“Verizon Wireless selected BL Healthcare as an ecosystem developer that best aligned with our vision of remote, patient-focused, next-generation healthcare,” said John Maschenic, director of healthcare solutions for Verizon Wireless. “The BL Healthcare platform, combined with the Verizon Wireless network, will help healthcare providers select various applications and services based on their patients’ conditions and needs, giving the provider an active role in defining and managing a patient healthcare and wellness program.”

If the trial leads to an official deal between the two companies, BL Healthcare stands to become the platform on which Verizon Wireless builds a home-based health management service. The announcement invites third party developers to work with BL and Verizon Wireless to "generate incremental revenue by marketing innovative new applications and services that leverage their expertise and protocols."

Here's how BL's CEO sums it up:

“Verizon Wireless has developed a unique and compelling vision that will change how healthcare-related services are delivered,” said Michael Mathur, president and CEO of BL Healthcare. “We believe that this will result in a new paradigm for healthcare management that will put the patient in control of managing their health and wellness and will result in dramatic improvements in the overall quality and efficiency of healthcare while reducing costs. We are proud and excited to be working with Verizon Wireless as a partner to make this vision a reality.”

BL Healthcare offers a number of devices for home health that include wireless-enabled TV set boxes, wireless hubs and standalone touchscreen monitors that connect to the Web via the cellular network (assumedly through Verizon Wireless.) Here are three of BL's products:


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