Bayer, Nintendo bring meter integration to US

By Brian Dolan
10:03 am

Bayer Didget for Nintendo DSBayer is bringing the Nintendo DS enabled blood glucose meter, Didget, to the US next month, according to a report in BusinessWeek.

Inventor and entrepreneur Paul Wessel wanted his diabetic 4-year-old son, Luke, to stop hiding his glucose meter, so he found a way to pair one of Luke's treasured possessions, his Nintendo DS, with his least favorite. German healthcare company Bayer purchased Wessel's idea for a Nintendo DS game paired with a glucose meter and branded it Didget last year. BusinessWeek calls Didget "the first glucose meter that plugs directly into a game console."

"While Bayer says it's too early to gauge its success, the company plans to roll it out in the U.S. in May," BusinessWeek reports. "Keeping things simple is crucial to Didget's formula. Once the meter has taken a reading, the user syncs it with a Nintendo DS handheld—the successor to the Game Boy—and boots up an adventure game called Knock 'em Downs World's Fair. The program rewards players for performing a prescribed number of tests each day by bestowing points that speed the player through the game. Additional points are earned for staying within target blood-sugar ranges, which parents can program in."

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