Shorts: Monica Healthcare; Restoring touch?

By Brian Dolan
06:42 am

Wireless tools continue to roll out in hospitals: Aerohive and others have enabled a wireless infrastructure at Riverside Health Care's facility that enables providers to conduct bedside registration and order entry. Nurses conduct bedside documentation drug administration by using tablet devices. The facility also outfitted its nurses and health care professionals with handheld units that include iPod touches and iPhones. Similarly, Indiana-based Good Samaritan Hospital has made patient records and other information available to doctors from remote offices and from home: “Physicians can review charts, listen to dictations, view prescriptions and react to problems—including chart deficiencies—faster and better than ever before,” the center's CIO told Baseline in an interview. More

Monica Healthcare's fetal monitoring coming to the US? Alere WCH a US-based provider of health management services, which supported more than 225,000 pregnancies last year has inked a deal with wireless, remote monitoring company Monica Healthcare. More

Bluetooth healthcare threat? An RFID tech, DASH7, hopes to be embedded in smartphones. More

Soon, no more complaints about physicians losing "touch" over remote monitoring: Scientists in Hong Kong have created a prototype of a robotic hand that enables people talking over the web to experience the sensation of touch. The developers had hoped to use the technology to keep elderly people literally in touch with their loved ones over the Web. More

Medical apps spotlighted: Nature Medicine has a short and sweet video about smartphone medical apps conducted by their intern:


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