Sotera Wireless snags $10 million in VC

By Brian Dolan
12:25 pm

Money TreeAccording to a regulatory filing with the SEC this week, Sotera Wireless has secured $10.75 million of a $15 million round of venture funding from undisclosed investor(s). Some of Sotera Wireless' previous investors have included Qualcomm Ventures, Intel Capital, Sanderling Ventures and Apposite Capital.

Sotera Wireless, which changed its name from Triage Wireless last year, is currently developing wireless vital sign monitoring technology, called ViSi Mobile, for both hospital and home use cases. The company claims the technology will "enhance patient safety by enabling detection of early signs of patient deterioration without restricting freedom of movement."

ViSi Mobile includes "comfortable body-worn sensors that allow for freedom of movement and multiple vital-sign capture, the technology also enables continuous accurate blood pressure measurement for ambulatory patients without the need for frequent cuff inflation." The offering is compatible with standard Windows-based operating systems, according to the company.

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Clinical trials of the ViSi Mobile system are currently underway.

For more visit Sotera Wireless' site here


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