Bill Gates: Mobiles not PCs for global health

By Brian Dolan
08:26 am

Bill GatesMicrosoft Chairman and philanthropist Bill Gates recently sat down at UC Berkeley to discuss the need for personal computers versus cell phones in so-called developing markets.

While the Gates Foundation has worked to distribute PCs in some countries, including Vietnam, China and India, but as Gates explains in the video below:

"You don't need personal computer connectivity to deal with childhood deaths," Gates said. "Amazingly, there are lots of cell phones in these countries. One of the Berkeley projects has to do with taking the cell phone camera, you probably have all seen it, it takes the camera and turns it into a microscope. So, for doing diagnosis like a blood smear for malaria or a sputum smear for tuberculosis, instead of having some complicated instrument in the field that doesn't have electricity."

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Watch the three minute video clip below for more from Gates:


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