mHealth: Think of it as personal health reform

By Brian Dolan
01:57 am

Brian Dolan, Editor, MobiHealthNewsThis week in mobile health news comes a punchy one-liner from an industry thoughtleader: mHealth, think of it as "personal health reform." That's the MobiHealthNews quote of the week from health economist Jane Sarasohn-Kahn.

72 percent: Manhattan Research also disclosed a new industry metric that's sure to be kicked around for the next year: 72 percent of US physicians currently use smartphones. That's up from 64 percent last year and 50 percent three years ago. Manhattan said the adoption rate is still set to hit 81 percent come 2012. More here.

Getting goofy: Back to memorable quotes of the week: BlackBerry-maker Research In Motion's Director of Healthcare Sheldon Hebert said that BlackBerry wasn't interested in "goofy" health apps. More thoughts from Hebert on BlackBerry's mobile health proclivities, including an interesting pitch for a new SIM-optional BlackBerry device. Might compete with the market for Apple iTouch devices in hospitals? More here.

100 Most Influential People: Time Magazine's annual list of 100 Most Influential people includes an mHealth pioneer. More.

The Oprah Factor: It works for books and some think Oprah's move to mobile (finally) could be a game changer. Oprah has conquered most media platforms, but her production company Harpo has only just this past week released a smartphone app. Could this help catalyze Oprah's audience to move to smartphones? More

What's in a name? Lots of hand wringing over the FCC and Senate's use of the term eCare to describe mobile health and other connected health services. Here's my take.

On the road again: Starting Monday, MobiHealthNews returns to its natural environment: The Road. The Wireless Life-Sciences Alliance must-attend three-day event in La Jolla is our first stop followed by some quality time in Texas. The American Telemedicine Assocation's annual event goes to San Antonio in two weeks. Be sure to check-in to MobiHealthNews from live coverage of the events!


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