Dell to look at healthcare specific mobile devices

By Brian Dolan
10:05 am

dellaero-lg1According to Dell's consumer business chief, Stephen Felice, the world's third largest PC maker is launching two consumer mobile devices -- Aero, a Google Android powered smartphone in the US this summer and a tablet PC called Streak in Europe next month, according to a report over at MSNBC. What's next? Maybe a mobile device for healthcare workers.

Felice said that Dell plans to differentiate is offerings for the enterprise by offering applications that rival phones and devices cannot offer users. While Felice was short on details, he did note that the apps would include unique features related to GPS and email.

About 70 percent of Dell's revenue comes from the business market, which is why the company plans to look at developing mobile devices suited specifically for healthcare providers, attorneys, financial professionals and others.

That's quite the breadth of targeted mobile devices! Dell's entrance into the mobile device market is certainly a good number of years behind rivals. The news also follows on the heels of Hewlett Packard's recent acquisition of Palm last month, which is likely to lead to a Palm-driven mobile device initiative from HP for the enterprise.

Here's more on Dell from MSNBC


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