Special Report: 9 Mobile Health Hospitals

By Brian Dolan
12:26 pm

Doctor ReportWhile it may seem as if a good number of care providers have shepherded mobile health services – piloted them – at their facilities, the truth is very few have officially announced mobile health pilots. During the past year and a half, MobiHealthNews has written about fewer than a dozen care providers that have piloted mobile health apps, devices or services – some have adopted them or launched them, but few have discussed the aid they have provided to this growing industry.

In the spirit of giving credit where credit is due, we have compiled this list of nine “mobile health hospitals” that have worked with startups and others in the mobile health industry to hone services, devices and applications not yet in the market.

This is by no means a comprehensive list, but it’s also fairly objective: These are the care providers who have announced mobile health pilot programs. (We’re sure there are others who have remained quiet, but if we missed any, be sure to send me a note at brian.dolan@mobihealthnews.com)

The nine mobile health hospitals detailed below have lent a hand to wireless health startups across the spectrum of devices and services, including text message reminders, wireless peel-and-stick vital sign monitoring, wireless implantable devices and much, much more. These are nine care providers worth recognizing as their support for and publicity of mobile health helps many more than the startups and vendor partners they worked with directly. Their willingness to share their interest in mobile health raises all boats.

Read on for more about the 9 Mobile Health Hospitals, (which are in no particular order)… Special Report


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