Events, odds, ends and apps

By Brian Dolan
01:25 am

Brian Dolan, Editor, MobiHealthNewsThis week concludes another trip out to California -- this time for the incredibly worth-while Mobile Health 2010 event produced by Stanford University's Persuasion Lab and hosted by behavior change guru BJ Fogg. The two-day, single-track sessions focused mostly on research findings and practical strategies for leveraging existing mobile technology to bring about behavior change and healthier decisions.

While an executive from T-Mobile USA and Voxiva CEO Paul Meyer each made (separate) newsworthy comments about potential future plans, the real appeal of the event wasn't news, but rather its overall tone (intelligent, fun, focused) and networking opportunities (lots of new faces). There was little talk about business models, but the intense focus on behavior change strategies stimulated great discussion between the talks.

More coverage to come from the Mobile Health 2010 sessions soon, but in other news:

PatientKeeper Mobile Clinical Results for the iPad launched this past week. The app enables physicians to review and manage an accurate, up-to-date patient list; trend lab results from hospital-based and community laboratories; review microbiology, radiology and pathology test results; review medication lists and see a history of discontinued meds; review a patient’s complete dispensing history (including doses not given); view all clinical notes including admit, progress and discharge notes; review an at-a-glance presentation of temperature, blood pressure, heart rate and other vital signs as well as input/output measurements; and more. We had a chance to speak with PatientKeeper CEO Paul Brient about the new app -- more from that interview tomorrow.

WebMD for iPad app also launched this week in the iTunes AppStore. While it includes the same features as the iPhone app, WebMD Mobile, the company also included a new feature called “Local Health Listings.” Local Health Listings on WebMD for iPad allows consumers to search for physicians, hospitals and pharmacies by location. With pharmacies, consumers can also search by 24-hour pharmacies. It also includes classic features like WebMD’s Symptom Checker, trusted medical information on more than 1,000 conditions (with related symptom and treatment information), drugs and treatment information (including uses, side effects, interactions & warnings) and first aid information.

Webinar tomorrow today: I'll be presenting a one-hour high-level presentation on mobile trends and their impact on healthcare for the eHealth Innovations Series that CareTech Solution is producing. If you're interested, be sure to join us -- it's free.


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