$2.3M for Steve Brown's start-up, Snaptic

By Brian Dolan
12:53 pm

Steve Brown, SnapticExcel Venture Management and angel investors have provided $2.3 million in seed funding for San Francisco-based Snaptic, maker of the 3Banana note-taking app for Android and iPhone smartphones.  What attracted the investors to Snaptic? According to a report in Venture Wire, the app's ability to help users record and keep information on their fitness, diet and health was the reason, Snaptic's CEO and founder Steve Brown said.

Brown, of course, should be well known to the mobile health industry. Brown founded, built and sold Health Hero Network, the health monitoring pioneer, to Robert Bosch in 2007. Brown then led the development and commercialization of Health Buddy. Brown's focus at Snaptic is now on how to influence the "little" choices we make:

"When it comes to our health, it's the little things we do every day that add up to the big issues like chronic disease... While we can be notoriously undisciplined about diet and exercise, the smartphones we carry in our pockets can be very persistent," Brown told the Huffington Post recently. "Sometimes all it takes is a little nudge, combined with some support and feedback, to get us going in the right direction, and I think smartphones can help deliver that."

Snaptic has 3 million app installations on Android handsets to date.

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