Patient check-in tablet company gets $16 million

By Brian Dolan
08:57 am

Phreesia Patient Check-In TabletNYC-based medical device startup Phreesia scooped up a $16 million fourth round of venture funding last week, led by Ascension Health Ventures (AHV) and with participation by return backers BlueCross BlueShield Venture Partners, HLM Venture Partners, Long River Ventures, Polaris Venture Partners, and Sandbox Industries. Phreesia now has about $40 million in venture capital investments.

Phreesia offers touchscreen devices that help patients check-in to doctor's offices and emergency rooms. The devices are wireless-enabled and allow patients to verify and update demographic and insurance info -- all of which transmits right into the EMR and practice management system so that care providers have it up-to-date for that day's visit.

As part of the investment deal, Victor Kats, Investment Manager at Ascension Health Ventures, will be joining Phreesia's board of directors.

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The San Francisco Chronicle interviewed Phreesia CEO and co-founder Chaim Indig to ask whether the company might move away from creating tablet like devices if others like the Apple iPad become more common. Indig's response?

"We would certainly be happy to exit the hardware side of the business if the iPad (or anything like it) became able to sustain drops from 3 feet onto concrete, had an antibacterial coating, and credit card reader built in."

For more on the investment, read the press release here
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