Shorts: Barcode iPod; Physician preference; VA

By Brian Dolan
06:32 am

Linea-ProHalamka impressed by Linea-Pro barcode scanner accessory: After a four week study of their facility's mobile device strategy, Dr. John Halamka's team at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston was impressed with Linea-Pro couple with an iPod Touch: "One of the devices we considered was the iPod Touch with an integrated Barcode Scanner/Magstrip reader from Linea-Pro. We have many varied use cases for laboratory and medication management workflow. All involve scanning patient wrist bands, scanning medications/tubes of blood and scanning/swiping employee badges. Having a development platform with a graphic user interface, long battery life and WiFi capability gives us significant flexibility without investing in an expensive, limited dedicated device. The iPod Touch is easy to purchase, support, and use. It's a consumer friendly device. Adding a laser scanning bar code reader makes it an impressive clinical tool." More

Mobile device preferences among physicians: According to the survey Epocrates conducted right after the iPad was announced, a good number of physicians planned on buying the device. Healthcare Informatics revisits the study and notes the mobile device breakdown for the survey's respondents: "As of February, 50.26 percent of survey respondents had an iPhone or iPod touch; 23.21 percent were using a handheld device with the Palm operating system (such as TX, E2, or Treo); 17.09 percent were using a Blackberry; and 3.32 percent were using a device with the Palm web OS (Palm Pre, Palm Pixi); meanwhile, a smattering of respondents were using some other form of mobile device." More

Federal Computing Week has a worthwhile read on the VA's prominent role in driving telehealth: "VA’s telehealth programs offer important lessons. For one, it is the largest telehealth program in the world, with 43,000 senior veterans receiving home telehealth care for chronic diseases. Another 49,000 patients in rural areas go to VA clinics to consult with physicians and specialists via telehealth videoconferencing services." More

More on Telus-HealthVault: Chilmark Research's John Moore takes a look at Canadian mobile operator, Telus' new plans for Microsoft HealthVault. More

Apple's "hyperwall" shows visual display of real-time downloads for its 50,000 most popular apps. Cool video:


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