Remember Diagnosaurus? Now on iPhone.

By Brian Dolan

diagnosaurusWho remembers the Diagnosaurus? Did anybody use it on an old PDA when it first came out in 2003? Unbound Medicine has uploaded its differential diagnoses lookup tool to Apple's iPhone AppStore. It's an old classic from the Palm Pilot PDA days: The Diagnosaurus DDx. The application has 1,000 diagnoses for caregivers to sift through just like the original PDA version did back in 2003, but the price has gone up, it's now $1. In 2003, Diagnosaurus was free for PDA users. 

The app also includes a folder for "Favorites," which is where caregivers can save their most popular diagnoses for quick reference later. Each diagnosis page includes a "See related DDx" link that offers alternative diagnoses and the ability to jump to their descriptions more easily. Users can also search the database via disease, symptom or organ.

Here's how Unbound and its partner McGraw-Hill positioned the software for PDA's back in 2003:

Diagnosaurus Logo"The most challenging questions that medical professionals and students rely on for diagnosing a patient can now be accessed on Palm OS and Pocket PC devices through the new PDA tool Diagnosaurus, offered by McGraw-Hill Professional and powered by Unbound Medicine. Diagnosaurus makes important medical differential diagnosis (DDx) information available free of charge for the PDA at"

"Through the Diagnosaurus quick access format, medical professionals and students can make more informed decisions by instantly receiving a list of alternative diagnoses after selecting a diagnosis or patient symptom from an index on the PDA. Diagnosaurus provides medical professionals and students with an invaluable tool that is especially useful for rounds and case conferences."

If any one makes the upgrade to iPhone Diagnosaurus user, I'd like to hear how the two compare.