Shorts: Sotera design; Castlight VC; Horses

By Brian Dolan
06:13 am

Castlight launches with $60 million: Lots of buzz this week about Castlight Health, an online healthcare price-compare service has raised $60 milllion in funding, some of which came from Cleveland Clinic. The startups founders include Relay Health founder Giovanni Colella and athenahealth co-founder Todd Park, who left Castlight to join the Obama Administration. Grocery store chain, Safeway is Castlight's first customer. More

Sotera Wireless design gets a spotlight: Design World recently profiled PolyOne and design firm DD Studio's work on wireless health company Sotera Wireless' vital signs monitoring wristband. More (UPDATE: Image removed at Sotera, PolyOne and DD's request. They apparently took down the Design World article, too.)

Now height readings can be stream wirelessly too: "The Height Reader enables a health care provider to easily monitor and record patient progress and outcomes through the use of Bluetooth Technology," said Dr. Forgue. "The device makes it possible to relay patient height directly to a computer within the hospital system; this saves time, money, and reduces errors. In specialties such as Endocrinology and Renal medicine, we have found the Height Reader to be a useful tool in the management and care of patients," concluded Dr. Forgue. More

Russian M2M: Jasper Wireless and VimpelCom launch a machine-to-machine (embedded wireless) partnership in Russia and named healthcare as one key vertical. More

SMS diagnosis: A healthcare provider in Kenya is answering patients queries via text message and in some cases making diagnoses. More

Hounds and Horses: Horse and Hound magazine has a review of an app that aims to make taking care of your horse's health easier. The magazine asked their interview subjects whether they preferred the old-fashioned pen-and-paper diary instead. More


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